Here are links to helpful pool/billiards pages:

  Mark Wilson’s  - “Play Great Pool” - The very best book for teaching yourself how to “Play Great Pool”. Mark stresses an “Orthodox” playing style. On a personal note, using the concepts in Mark’s book has transformed my game from being mechanically inferior to much more efficient.
  Guide to Pool and Billiards, - Noted author and teacher Matt Sherman.
  “Dr. Dave” Alciatore - Educator, Engineering wizard, Billiard research scientist, Teaches at Colorado State University and is Author of “The Illustrated Principals of Pool and Billiards”. Dr. Dave, along with Bob Jewett,  also have co-authored numerous educational videos.
  On the Wire Creative Media - Working to promote the financial betterment of pool players worldwide.

  Mezz Cues  Mezz West State Tour - The premier Western regional 9-ball and 10-ball tour. Active throughout California and Arizona. Operated by Oscar Dominguez.

Cue Academy - A free educational site for pool and the industry with a goal of growing the sport. Guided tutorials and general information.

EazyDraw is the Vector Drawing program that was used for all Aiming With Friction graphics. It is an affordable, intuitive, robust program that’s simply great fun to use!