EazyDraw is the Vector Drawing program that was used for all Aiming With Friction graphics. It is an affordable, intuitive, robust program that’s simply great fun to use!


Mark Wilson’s  - “Play Great Pool” - The very best book for teaching yourself how to “Play Great Pool”. Mark stresses an “Orthodox” playing style. On a personal note, using the concepts in Mark’s book has transformed my game from being mechanically inferior to much more efficient.

Guide to Pool and Billiards, - Noted author and teacher Matt Sherman.

“Dr. Dave” Alciatore - Educator, Engineering wizard, Billiard research scientist, Teaches at Colorado State University and is Author of “The Illustrated Principals of Pool and Billiards”. Dr. Dave, along with Bob Jewett,  also have co-authored numerous educational videos.

Bob Jewett and the San Francisco Billiard Academy.

On the Wire Creative Media - Working to promote the financial betterment of pool players worldwide.

Mezz Cues  Mezz West State Tour - The premier Western regional 9-ball and 10-ball tour. Active throughout California and Arizona. Operated by Oscar Dominguez.

Daniel Coyle - Author of “The Talent Code” and “The Little Book of Talent”. Two of the best books on learning how to learn.